Tuesday, December 27, 2011

THREE new releases in the New Year!


Prince Fareed Aal Zaafer is driven by one purpose—to find his late brother's family. But when Gwen McNeal arrives, needing his help, Fareed is relieved she is not the woman he seeks, for he must claim her for his own.

Fareed is Gwen's last—and most dangerous—hope. For he doesn't just overwhelm her senses, he sweeps her and her baby away to his kingdom—the last place she should ever go. Now she must hide the truth, and deny the desire between them at any cost. For if she fails, the result will be unthinkable….

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Vidar, an immortal in the service of the Norse god Loki, is ready to die—until he lays eyes on the most beautiful mortal he's encountered in centuries. Not only is Kara sexy and eager to be ravished by him, but she also defends him from minions of his enemy...making her the only human to ever put their life on the line for him.

Vidar and Kara soon enjoy the unbridled ecstasy they seemed destined to share. Yet they know they can't be together for long. Vidar can sense that Kara will die soon—unless he can find a way to make her immortal, too....

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First do no harm. Next, do the most damage you can. Eradicate the infection. At its roots.

Calista St. James, doctor, warrior. She adds her science and skills to her father's vigilante genes to Damian De Luna's lethal training to be a crusader for those the world prefers to forget. With her team and Damian's, they have saved countless innocents, even the world.

To protect everyone they love, they've gone under death's ultimate cover. But their enemies want the doomsday weapon they deprived them of. The elimination of anyone close to Calista's and Damian's teams will continue until it is theirs. There's only one way to deal with this. Retaliate with a blitzkrieg of offensive defense.

But Damian has left her. And she can't do this, can't live, without him, will do anything to get him back. But even if she does, one mistake will lead to exposure. Exposure means death. Not only of their close people, but of a good percentage of the world's population.

Failure is not an option.
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  1. Hi Olivia! Welcome to blogland. The new digs look great.

    Cher :-)

  2. Since you're open to suggestions: I suggest you turn off the captcha. It can be a deterrent to comments. I've had my blogger blog for years and spam has never been a problem. I set it to moderate the posts older than a few weeks. Those are the ones that get occasional spam.

    Love the cover on Shock Therapy, btw.

  3. Thanks for visiting, Cheryl, and THANKS for the advice!
    Now to find out HOW to turn off the captcha (which I had no idea was on to start with. :-))

    And YAY that you love Shock Therapy's cover. It's my daughter's design, so she's doing the happy dance that her first published cover is being admired! It's also my first self-pubbed work! :-)